Thursday, July 8, 2010

Even Keel

So...they had a big confrontation in room 208, (Shao did NOT go to an RA) and all agreed that by 10:30 they would at least quiet down, that anyone not from 208 would leave. So sleep is a little better. However, it has left a divided room. Shao has one girl, Sarah, who hangs with her. The other four are a clique to themselves, and it breaks Shao's heart. I encouraged her on the phone last night that no matter what, she needed to be a light to these girls, that she needed to heap good works upon their heads, and turn the other cheek, no matter how hard it is. She agreed, and we both agreed it is a very hard thing to do. Considering the stress, Shao wants to come home again for Saturday night, especially since her one friend is having a visit from her mom, so will be gone on Saturday night. It will be good to have her home again. And as far as I know there are no plans for Sunday afternoon, so I will keep her until the last moment (Curfew!)

Keep my girl in prayer. She is LOVING the classes, and has made friends with lots of other girls from other rooms, so that is good.


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