Thursday, July 22, 2010

Been WAY too long!

Oh, my! Let's see...I'll have to do this in bullet points!
Lenai (SP?!?) came home with ShaoXi...sweet little girl, but she sure was homesick!
They went back to Nutmeg on Sunday night.
Tuesday I sent an email to let the dorm mother know Shao would be coming home again on Sat., and I mentioned that things were pretty rough in room 208, that I had received a phone call two nights in a row from a sobbing child, begging me to come get her.
Dorm mother went and spoke to girls, who promptly decided it was Shao who had been complaining, and ostracized her even more.
Principal of school called Shao into his office and talked to her, told her she needed to grow up, that these things were all part of life, and if she had a problem not to bother me, but to talk to an RA or the dorm mother.
Shao called me about her mtg w/principal, and I promised I wouldn't send any more emails! :)
ANOTHER girl's mother called/emailed, and asked for her daughter (Shao's only friend!) to be removed from that room!!! At that point, the principal went and talked to ALL the girls.
Girls sat down once he left and had a real heart-to-heart, deep discussion...this was a week ago. Upshot...things have been SOOOO much better in the room...too bad it took 3 of the 4 weeks to
get there!!!!

Shao came home by herself this past weekend. Thankfully, my bro-in-law, Kenny works near Nutmeg, and he brought her home for me...saved me 3 hours of driving! WAHOO!

We just spent the night sitting on the couch cuddling and talking, watching some tv. It was nice. On Sun. we went to church, then to a picnic at a conference center where we are both volunteering next week, for a kid's camp. It is on the water, very, very gorgeous grounds. My job? I have to have pre-packaged snacks and drinks ready for the campers at 10:30 and 2:30. In between? I sit and look at the water. I am NOT kidding you! Shao is a jr. counselor,, of the kids in grades 5 & 6, so she will be busy as a bee. This is gonna be one amazing camp!!!

Tomorrow night at 8PM and Sat. at 2 the Nutmeg students are performing in the Warner Theatre, next door to the Conservatory. There is an observation class at 9AM on Sat. for parents, so I will go to that. Then we will pack up her room, just leaving an outfit to change into for dinner after the show. Then it's off to the show. Her godparents are coming down from New Hampshire and are renting a room directly across the street from the theatre, so we will have dinner with them. One of her best friends is coming up with her mom to Sat.'s show, so that will be fun. Maybe we'll go have an icecream with them afterwards...gramma and grampa made the reservations for 6PM, so I think ShaoXi will be mighty hungry before 6 rolls around!!!!

And then I get to bring my girl home. Sunday morning we have church, and then it's the annual church picnic, at Hammonasset State Park, which is a beach. And my precious girl is getting water baptized! Praise the Lord! I am so thrilled!!!!! Of course, as usual, no one in my family is coming, just as no one is coming to the show. But I will be there...I pledge to ALWAYS be there for my girl!!!! I should say that it's not that they are around, and just don't want to come. Nope, they have all made vacation plans, and everyone of them is going to be gone. So be it.

And Monday morning we begin at the camp, Dustin's Place. Can't wait. Gonna be a blessing and a blast!


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  1. Well I wish i could be there to watch Shao! Tell her I'm proud of her for sticking it out. i bet she has benefited hugely from being there.
    She has been on my mind so often these weeks. Do they let you film at the show? I would love to see her dance. Olivia is half way through her summer Intensive. is aching in places she didn't even know she had, LOL, but loving it.

    Have a wonderful time at the camp, sounds like you scored the best job!

    And Congratulations to Shao on her water baptism!