Friday, July 2, 2010

Joy Unspeakable!

So this week has been a wild one! I was a "crew leader" for our Vacation Bible School at church. I had 2 assistants under me, and we had a total of about 15 kids. Let me tell you, as annoying as some of the boys were, I came to love those kids. They were all 10, headed into the 5th grade in the fall. Cool age, if a bit antsy! :)

Anyhow...the biggest joy came today. Today I had the privilege of leading one to Jesus in prayer! And then later, at the end of the day, another came up to me and said quietly "I asked Jesus into MY heart a few minutes ago!" Oh, the angels are rejoicing today! What a privilege and blessing! I am SOOOO gonna miss these kids. A few of them go to my church, but most were from the community. I will be praying for Jonathan, Connor, Tristan, Tanner, Emily, Abi, Katie, Austin, J.D., Lee, Samantha, Eli, Chris....oh, man, I think I'm forgetting a few names...but GOD knows who was there! Tristan and Emily are our new little brother/sister in the Lord! :)


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