Tuesday, July 6, 2010


ShaoXi called me this morning to say "Good morning!" Except what she said was, "Mama, I am sad today!" This breaks my heart. She has repeatedly, over the last 10 days, asked her roommates to PLEASE quiet down after 10PM, to no avail. Their replies range from "You can't expect us to be quiet!" to just totally ignoring her. She is desperate for sleep. They are up at 7:15AM, and their last class ends at 8:15PM. She needs at least 9 or 10 hours of sleep, considering the grueling schedule. She had huge bags under her eyes all weekend. She cried herself to sleep last night. Please pray for my little girl. This is tough.

Considering she has been struggling with this for 10 days, I told her enough was enough, she needed to talk to the dorm mom about it...not to tattle as much as to find a solution...whatever that might be! Poor kid. You know her roommates will be ticked at her for "tattling." But I really don't care, except that this might make her time there more difficult, if they are cold toward her, or not nice. She is the sweetest, most tender hearted kid, and that would kill her. I feel helpless to change this for her. Please pray.


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