Saturday, May 29, 2010


In four weeks my baby girl will be heading off to Ballet Camp! I can't believe it's that soon. It seems like just yesterday that I was making lists and thinking how very premature all my planning was! And now it's a month away. Oh, I miss her already! Her gramma/godmother called today and asked how much a pair of pointe shoes were, and she is planning on giving Shao the money to buy a pair as needed, at camp. I just bought her a new pair, and it is likely she may need 2 or more pairs considering how much ballet she will be doing over that four weeks!

Her leotards are all ordered. I still need to order the tights she needs. A sweet bloggy friend and participant in "Crazy Love" is sending us a set of sheets for her bed at Camp...I am sure they will be awesome! Can't wait for that surprise...I LOVE surprises! :) I've begun a box of stuff to take...a roll of paper towels, soap, shampoo, bandaids, toothpaste & brush. Still, there is a lot of little things I need to get: black bobbypins, black hairnets, sanitary supplies, etc. I want to take a couple of cases of bottled water up with her, so she'll have plenty to drink. And I would like to stock her little refrigerator with some wholesome snacks. Oh, I am gonna miss this kid!

I tell people that I spent the first 45 years of my life having lots of leisure time...I'm done with that. I want my kid! :) Poor soul, she likely would have been much better off with a sibling, so she could catch some breathing room. And I would have loved to have many more, but it was not to be. So I support OTHER people's adoptions, and live vicariously through their wonderful stories! :) Anyhow...four more weeks. Then four weeks without her. When asked by others if she will be coming home on weekends, she does not say instantly, "Of course!" So I am laying low, and leaving it up to her. But I hope she does. I will miss her too much. At least the first weekend, which is July 4th, it would be nice to have her home. We'll see. I'm going to let her decide. But it will be SOOOO hard not to beg her to come home! :)


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