Monday, May 17, 2010

This and that...FINALLY!!!

OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!!! No wonder almost no one has visited my blog this past week...there has been NOTHING to draw them here! No excuses...although I guess I could definitely come up with some! :) BUT...I am here NOW. Hello, friends! :)

I have spent much of the past week helping my sister move. It is amazing what one can accumulate in 20+ years. 2 years ago her husband walked out on her, and she could not pay the mortgage anymore. The house FINALLY sold, in a short sale, for probably HALF of it's actual value, and as of this weekend, she is no longer a homeowner. And it's sad. And it's happy. All at the same time. I LOVED her house. An old 1850's farmhouse, lots of original features, etc. But needing lots of work. And Carrie, the new owner? LOVES it! Which makes us smile. She is so excited. My sister, Polly, is now living in a camper trailer, at my other sister's house. That's a temporary situation, as she has a rent but it won't be vacated until mid August. Should be an interesting summer!

I am scurrying about, trying to get things together for Shao's summer ballet camp. I got a letter from our town, offering $120 toward a camp of her choice. What a blessing! That money went toward her leotards and such. Yay! She needed THREE of them, each a different color. $30 each! I am thankful beyond words to see God's hand providing in ways I never thought of!

So...we continue to be blessed, and busy, and happy. Please DO pray for me though. Having some health issues, not quite sure WHAT'S going on, but not feeling quite right. Headed to the Dr.'s for an appt RIGHT NOW!!! Gotta go!


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  1. so glad she was able to get leotards! And someone else took care of the XL Twin sheets! Yay!