Monday, May 3, 2010


Ever have one of those days? Well, me fact, TODAY was one! I drive a van for our local school system. My kids go to a special school for autism and it is 45 miles away. Which on a good day can be done in 2 hours, round trip. Except today was NOT a good day. There was a 23 mile back up, over half of which was between home and the exit the school was at. So a 2 hour trip turned into 3. That's a long time to be bumper to bumper, with antsy kids in the van. They did well, though. But, OH, I was tired when I got back into town. I didn't have to go back out for another 4 hours though, so thoughts of a nap danced through my head like sugarplums. Nope. Not happening.

I walked into the office, and got the lovely news that my name had come up randomly for drug testing. I had to turn around and head BACK the way I had come. Waahhh!!! All I wanted to do was go home. And I had to use the restroom...but I couldn't, since I was gonna need to "perform on command" when I got to the facility. Big bummer.

So I drove over there, went to the window, only to be told they had no idea I was coming, and where was my form? Uh...nobody gave me a form. I sat down and called the office, and was told they DID know I was coming, and THEY provided the forms. So I waited...and waited...and waited...and waited some more. 45 MINUTES went by. I went to the desk and said "Uh, I've now been waiting 45 min to pee in a cup. And I had to pee DESPERATELY when I arrived here, so you can imagine my problem!" Uh, yeah...they (same girl who was flustered and clueless that I was coming....ya think she's new or something?!?) had put my paperwork in the wrong slot, and the staff in the back thought I was there to see a Doctor. Which apparently takes a long, long time in that place. Once that got straightened out, I went right in. I must say, I performed magnificently, if not a little frantically, as soon as I went through all the procedures: put purse in a designated place, remove jacket and hang on hook, empty pockets, wash hands, and pick the collection cup from the second shelf (this one puzzled me, don't ask!) By the time I got home I had an hour and a half before I had to go out and pick up my kids. At least the traffic wasn't nearly as bad as the AM run, and I did the whole run in just a little over 2 hours. AND I will get paid for the time getting drug tested. So there is ALWAYS a silver lining, as indiscernible as it might seem!!! :)


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  1. Continued prayers for you from your posting on Crazy Love 2!!