Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Monday...ummm...Thursday!

So, does anyone out there have a toy Dodge Neon that they could spare? Cuz that's what I need for my Memorial Box! Here is an incredible illustration that God, our God, cares about our every need, and has our WHOLE future in His hands.

The other day Shao's godmother, my dear friend Donna, mentioned that next Spring she and hubby Ron were going to sell their Florida home. Not only were they selling the home (any0ne interested? It is being sold with most furniture, and is REALLY nice, with heated pool, etc!!!), but they were also going to sell their boat (hey, it could be negotiated into the house price!) and their car, too. They just bought a condo in Arizona, to be near to their daughter, and didn't need TWO places to fly away to when it got cold in New Hampshire!

Tuesday night Donna & I were talking on the phone, and after awhile she said, "Oh, by the way, Ron says we are just going to GIVE you our Neon! But you'll have to come to FL to get it!" Now I have a car. But it has 130K miles on it, and their Neon hasn't even hit 60K yet. And I'd rather sell mine (hopefully for enough money to afford to go to FL & collect the Neon!) while it is still doing relatively well. It is beginning to use a lot of oil, so this does not bode well. Donna's car has been garaged all it's life! And it has working AC!!!! WOOHOO!!! That'll be a first for us!

So...I am in need of a Neon...match car size! :)


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  1. Yippee Jesus!! I am thrilled about your dodge Neon....How great is that? He is soooo awesome!! xo