Thursday, May 20, 2010


My girl was sad yesterday. She gets that way on occassion, and I seldom know what to do to help her, other than love on her, and pray with and for her. I tell her it is all the new things going on in her life and her body, and the hormones, etc. But that only assures her it is normal, it does not REALLY help with the sadness itself. We talked for a long, long time, we prayed, and by bedtime I think she was better. But it breaks my heart to see my joyful, loving child so teary and in emotional pain. I asked her if she thought some counseling might be in order, but I never did get a definitive answer to that one. Meanwhile, I will continue to pray for the right words. This parenting thing is HARD!!!! Particularly when you are doing it on your own, and have no other parent to bounce things off of, and to have your back. sigh. But you know? I wouldn't trade it for the world. Not for anything short of my salvation in Jesus, itself. That's the only thing more valuable to me than my girl. She is the treasure I am laying up in heaven...I am investing in her, and what a treasure she is!!!! Please keep us in your prayers.


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