Sunday, March 29, 2009

Big Sibs are the BEST!

So yesterday we spent the day on the Yale University campus. The Asian student society there puts on two events every year called "CASPY." CASPY stands for Chinese Adopted Sibling Program at Yale. Basically, they match Yale students up with children adopted from China, and have a day filled with fun workshops and events to celebrate their Chinese/Asian roots with the kids. Workshops like Cookie Calligraphy, Wushu (it's sort of like judo?) , Chinese Yo-Yo's; Night Market, and all the other fun things like face painting, etc. The kids have a ball, but the best part is the Big Sibs they connect with.

For the past 4 years, Shao had a Big Brother, Steven Le. We LOVED him. He came to Shao's ballet recitals, and we emailed him and talked to him on the phone frequently, as well as seeing him for the two annual events. That was more than we ever had, with former Big Sibs. Let's face it, these are Yale college students, and they are BUSY! So we were thankful for any time we got to spend with Stephen. Last May he graduated, and Shao & I attended his graduation, and spent the day with his wild and wonderful family, who came from all over the country to honor him. It was a a blast! We miss him dearly, as he is living back home in California now.

So last fall we attended CASPY, wondering who Shao would be matched with. And her assigned Big Sib never showed up! So they pulled a kid out of the ranks, and we got Hans. Yep, Hans...long story short, his name in Chinese sounded like Han, so when they emigrated here, his mom looked in a baby book, and saw the name Hans, which was pretty close...usually Chinese will choose an "American" name for themselves and their children, when they emigrate here. So poor Hans got stuck with a German name! Funny.

Anyhow...while Hans was perfectly nice, he was a bit manic, and over the top, and even though we are are KNOWN for being fun people, and a bit crazy, it was a bit more than we could handle. PLUS Shao REALLY wanted a girl this time...much as she loved Steven, she is getting to that age. So we were DELIGHTED to get Bonnie Yn as our new big Sib. We LOVED Bonnie, and are hoping for a great 4 years with her...yep, she is a freshman! Bonnie even went so far as to call us a few days before the event, which I was amazed at! She and Shao talked for a long time, and Shao came out grinning when she was done, and was SOOOO excited! Shao had managed to ask what kind of cookies Bonnie like, and the answer was choc. chip, but since oatmeal is "good" for you, she usually had that, because it made her feel like she was eating well! LOL! So Shao made her a batch of oatmeal choc. chip cookies! :) Bonnie was so touched, she called her mom in California to tell her! :)

While Shao was wandering around Yale having a blast, I attended two parent workshops that were wonderful. One was led by a prof. at Yale, Dr. William Zhou, who talked about how Chinese parents raise their children, and the principles they find most important, and we also did a little language lesson! Then we went to the next one, and learned how to make noodles with a black bean paste sauce. Sounds kinda yucky, but it was GOOOD!!! I'm going to try it one of these days!!!! We ended the day, as usual, with a talent show. ShaoXi danced ballet to the song "It's the Climb." She did a beautiful job, as usual!

On the way home I dropped Shao off at a friend's for a sleepover, where they were supposed to work on a homework project, but mostly turned off the lights in recognition of Earth Day, and watched a movie. We had church this morning, and Shao had choir practice afterward. Next Sunday will be our last Sunday attending the church. There are some major doctrinal differences that have arisen recently, and they are big enough that I feel we must find a church that truly believes in the Word of God, and the gift of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. We will begin attending the church I first attended when I got saved as a young adult several decades ago! I am looking forward to it. But first we need to fulfill a few obligations at North Guilford Congregational Church, then we can slip away.

Not much else news here. It's not too cold out, but it is rainy. However the week ahead has temps in the 40's and 50's, with some 60's, so winter is definitely fading away! YIPPEE!!!


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