Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Header!

Like my new look? My friend Lori is great! Thanks, Lor! I love it! :) Wow! Very cool!

Today is a quiet one. I am just wandering around, picking up things, and reorganizing. Little by little, things get done. Perseverance is the key, I think. Which is a quality I sometimes lack. I look at things, and immediately get overwhelmed, and just block it out. That old sin nature, I guess...which is the same as human nature, in my book!

Shao is getting ready to go out on the town tonight, lucky girl! (Oh, actually, I just heard the flute start up! She is so self-motivated, I never have to bug her to practice. And you can tell that she does, because she is getting SOOO much better!) of her ballet friends, with whom we carpool, has an extra ticket to "Stomp", at the Schubert Theatre in New Haven. So she is going with Meredith's family. And they are going out to dinner, first. I am so thankful that she gets opportunities like this, because the reality is that I cannot provide them. It was SO nice of them to think of her!

So it will be quiet around here tonight, too. That's okay. Truthfully, between homework and flute practice, I seldom see the girl. She is usually in her room, working on things. Report cards come out this week. I don't think she is doing as well as she has in the past. But we shall see. She had been at least on the honor roll every trimester, and last year was high honors all year. Not sure she will make it this trimester, which will make her unhappy. But it will also motivate her, knowing her! And that's a GOOD thing.

That's about it from here. It is cloudy out at the moment, but was beautifully sunny earlier, and in the 50's. I'll take it! It is supposed to warm up all week. Ah, spring!


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