Thursday, March 12, 2009

WHERE is Spring?

Tomorrow my tiny nieces are going to Yale to have their hips examined. I panicked when Jen told me, but apparently they routinely look at all baby girls who were in a breech position, because many have hip dislocation problems. Who knew? Tonight Shao & I will stop over and visit for a little bit. We need a baby fix! And I need to unload some of the "loot" I have been collecting for the girlies. Seems like I can't stay away from ebay, where they're concerned! :o

My mom is home from Florida. I'm glad. I don't see her all that much, even though she lives downstairs from us. But when she is GONE, I am restless. What WILL I do when the awful time comes that she dies? Oh, dear. I have to face it one of these days. She will be 86 in June. Thankfully, she is in great health, goes to the gym 3+ times a week, "takes care of old folk", cleans houses one day a week, and is constantly on the move. I can't keep up with the woman!

Just a few weeks away from Easter. Shao & I met one of her many "adopted grammas" at a mall last weekend, and Gramma Bonnie insisted on buying Shao an outfit and shoes for Easter. Oh, my, she got the most BEAUTIFUL dress! Funny girl...I picked out a dress I thought was lovely (very sweet, classic, etc.) Shao picked out one she liked (very cute, trendy, hip). She tried them both on, they both looked great, and I left the choice up to her. She came out of the dressing room and shocked both Gramma & I...she choose the dress I picked out. I questioned her, as I wanted to be sure SHE was sure. Yep! She said she thought she would get more wear out of it, as it was a cotton sundress look, so she could wear it all summer. Wow! My girl is growing up. I miss my baby, but I sure do like the young lady who is taking her place!

Speaking of Easter, Shao & I will be heading south to Pennsylvania for Easter. We always spend it with my BFF Kim and her husband Henry. I am getting excited! I love them, and we always have such fun. I have friends, of sorts, around here, but my truly GOOD friends are spread all over the US, so I treasure any time I get to spend with any of them. I would say that most of my truly dear friends are from College days, with a smattering of adoption buddies and others thrown into the mix. I am blessed with the precious people in my life...I just wished they all lived nearby!

No other real news here. Still quite cold...when WILL Spring arrive?!?!? I know...March 20th...only 8 days away. But I am not convinced, notwithstanding the MANY robins I have spotted recently. AND the signs for pansies at every nursery! :) It can't come soon enough for me!


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  1. glad to see that someone else is impatiently waiting for updates from UGANDA ... hee hee ...I did get one text from Katie when they arrived and I keep refreshing my computer to see who is posting from the group ...It is dinner time there and I am hoping they visited the orphanage today where we are adopting from ... they promised me some pictures ... and hearing that GRACE was walking with her new peds walker they took just brought tears to my eyes ..

    have a great day !!!