Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eye Yi Yi Yi!!!

So...let's see...where did I leave off? Hmmm. I think it was yesterday morning. I had called and asked (insisted...demanded...whatever!) a prescription for something for conjunctivitis. The receptionist said she would have someone call me. No one did. I waited all day. SOOO...yesterday afternoon when I finished my last bus run, at 4, I went over to the dr.'s office. I didn't want to be seen, just get a prescription. The girl tells me they won't prescribe without seeing me. I told her I HAD been seen, on Friday. AND that I was told a opthamologist's office was going to call me to make an appt.

Didn't make a dent. The dr. who saw me on Fri. was NOT the dr. who would see me now...except the dr. who would see me now, would NOT see me now, as they were already running two hours behind schedule, so could I come back in the morning? At which point I began to cry, and pretty much throw a tantrum. Which didn't really help, and which ended up in me storming out. Crying. Which only irritated my eye even more. Nope, not proud of my behaviour, but I am going to blame it on the extreme pain I have been in for days, and that's that!

Which takes us to this morning, Tuesday. I humbly call back the dr.'s office, apologize for my behaviour, and get an appt for 4:20 this afternoon. So I head over there after work, wait for a little bit, and a new dr. sees me...not a new dr. to the practice, just new to me. Dr. W. is VERY thorough, spends lots of time with me, and is very concerned. She spends some time on the phone trying to find an opthamologist who takes my insurance (state ins.)...finally sends me to Middlesex Hospital, a 45 min. drive away. Tells me to ask for a Dr. L. Gives me the impression he will meet me there?

So I drive up to the hospital, meanwhile calling my sisters to come up and drive me and my car back because according to Dr. W Dr. L. will probably dilate my eyes. Dr. W. is worried about increased pressure, worsened vision, and glaucoma (I have diabetes). These things are all happening, and it IS worrisome. Which explains why I have been TRYING to get some help here!!!!

At the hospital I tell them I am to ask for Dr. L. They look surprised. They register me, the nurse triages me, I am put in a room. A PA comes in and checks my eyes, etc. He calls Dr. L....who does NOT come in. He is home, although on call, but he does not come in. HOWEVER, he will see me in his office tomorrow, which is a start. Of course, he will see me at a time I cannot come (I was not consulted on this!) SO...I will have to call first thing in the AM and see if I can come a bit later. AND the PA DID prescribe some medication to put in my eye. Let's see if it does anything. So far it is still killing me...but I have two meds, and have only put one in so far, trying to let it take effect before putting in the second!

So...I am typing this with my bad eye shut, which is interesting. I suspect I will be doing MANY things one-eyed, until this is resolved. The good news is that the PA said my eye pressure reading did NOT indicate glaucoma (ie, pending blindness!), and nothing presented that he or Dr. L, on speaking, felt was sight-threatening. So THAT'S a relief, especially after the first dr. last Friday scared me to death!

That's all for now in blurry land. I am thankful that MAYBE this will be resolved one of these days! I'll keep you in the loop...or loopy, as the case may be!


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