Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If wishes were horses...

My girl is having a tough week. For whatever reason she is grumpy and moody. Some of it is over money...our lack of it. Some deeper than that, I think. Oh, I am not looking forward to the next 4 or 5 years! I think it may be rocky...I had better pack my parachute, so I can bail out! Just kidding...sort of! :)

She needs new tap shoes. I found her a pair in the bin at her dance school. According to her, they weren't the right kind, etc., etc. So I made her go and ask her tap teacher. Which freaked her out because the teacher can be a bit brusque, and Shao is anything but, so she perceives it as being mean, or mad, or both. But it went well, and the shoes are FINE!! SO...Shao is happy because THAT means, she doesn't have to do tap next year, since we don't have to spring for a new pair of shoes at the almost end of the dance year. Had we bought new tap shoes, I told her she WAS going to take tap next year, to wear the shoes!

She asked me the other night if she could "take some time off from dancing." IE, not dance next year. I told her that if she did not dance next year, she would not dance again. Not because I was "punishing" her, but because she is on scholarship. She is EXCEPTIONALLY gifted, prima ballerina material, according to her teachers. But they are NOT going to give her a scholarship to start back up again, after a year off. These are critical years, if ballet is what she wants to do with her life. I will NOT push her much longer. If by high school she wants to stop, then so be it. It will break my heart, but it is ultimately her decision. Anyhow, she cried, and I gently explained the facts of the matter, that without a scholarship, she would not be ABLE to dance, and so she cannot stop. But she is content with not doing tap next year, so perhaps that will be enough. I hope so. The child is magical when she dances!

It is in the 50's here today. Very sunny, but a little breezy. But better than ice or snow, so I'll TAKE it! :) Hoping we are in for a prolonged (read: until October!) warming trend! :)

The babies have doubled their weight since they left the hospital! They are pork chops! So sweet! I MUST get over to see them in the next few days. I love those little girls.

That's about it for here. I sent an email about a nanny job that is about 10 hours more a week than my present driving job. It is for a 3mo old....ohhhh! Right up my alley! I need more hours, and they are paying more per hour, as well, than I make now. We'll see. Waiting to hear back.

The picture is her pointing to Cinderella's Castle in DisneyWorld. Last summer a bloggy friend invited us help her & her 3 munchkins drive to FL, and go to DisneyWorld! Almost all our expenses were was an unbelievable gift! This is the very first day, headed to the Magic Kingdom, and our first glimpse of the Castle...neither of us had ever been to DW! May I say, I TOTALLY bought into the whole Mickey scene! Oh, how I LOVE DisneyWorld! Who knew?!?!?



  1. will be praying about the job situation!! and will pray her heart softens to dance since it is obviously her God given talent ...

    it is rainy here and that is never good for my mood ... hee hee ... need sun, summer and my flip flops !!!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comments...I would love to do tea with you...of course if you wait until we are back at our old property then we can have a very, very pretty farmland view with the Rockies in the distance. =)

    I will be praying, as well, about your job situation. Sounds not-so-fun!! Thankful that God is a big God and has the perfect job for you.

    Love, Linny