Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hmmm...this could be good!

So, I'm taking a new med. I had my reg. 3 mo. appt with my Dr., and he put me on a med called Lyrica. Not sure what took him so long to prescribe it. He has known from the get-go that I have fibromyalgia, and that is one of the premier meds for that ailment. Anyhow, we are starting me out slow, as I react adversely to some meds. So I am on only 25mg a day, and am working my way up to 75 mg twice a day! Gonna be awhile. But maybe just because I am aware that I am beginning this med., since I really don't think it could be having an effect this quickly, I am feeling a bit better. Less joint pain, more energy? Hmmm. Of course, it could be because it is actually gorgeously sunny out, with no rain in sight for a few days! It's not warm, mind you, but it is sunny! Tomorrow morning I add a pill in the morning, one at night for 3 days. Then one more pill at night, for three days....etc., etc. So it will take awhile to get me up to the full dosage. I am excited to see if this gives me any relief from the persistent, constant pain in my joints, and the horrific sleep disturbances...not to mention the touchy stomach problems. Oh, this could be a REALLY good thing!

On other fronts, my girl is quiet today. She had a sleepover at a friend's last night, so sleep deprivation is definitely in the picture. Sadly, she is NOT a day napper, so we just have to deal with some moodiness and irritability. Hopefully I can get her to bed at a decent hour tonight. We have church in the morning, and she is the alcolyte (she lights the candles on the communion table at the beginning of the service.)

I am feeling good about things, as I have been accomplishing some things here in the house. I got lots of my winter stuff put upstairs (yeah, it's still cold here, but I realized that my shelves in my closet were jam-packed with things I had not worn yet this they went up in the attic, and when winter rolls around again, I will review and donate much of it!) I moved around some things in some closets, put the excess upstairs, and also have begun to organize my filing system and paperwork! Yes, I are SO glad I shared this scintillating info with you! Told you...this is life UNEMBELLISHED! This is our life. It's the little things that can truly make you feel good about yourself! :) Now, if only I could clean the kitchen! HA!

Hope you are enjoying spring! We sure are!


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  1. Sure hope the medicine helps, Nancy.

    I see you gave up on my doing your blog header. (I would have, too!) But I AM going to do it!!