Monday, March 30, 2009

The Eyes have it...oh, yes, they do!

The eye saga continues. Never heard back from the opthamologist. Not yet, anyways. BUT...yesterday my OTHER eye started to hurt a little. Oh, boy. And this morning, sure enough, it was all goopy when I woke up. Now the right eye has never been goopy. Or itchy. None of the things that say "conjunctivitis." Just pain, sometimes wicked pain, at times. And extreme redness. So now I have matching red eyes. How sweet.

So I called my reg. dr. this morning as soon as I got back from my morning run. I pretty much demanded a prescription for conjunctivitis, and made sure the poor girl knew I was not happy...although I assured her I was not unhappy with HER! Here I've been in pain for days, and no treatment. AND was told it was definitely not an infection, so did not worry about infecting my "good, now gone bad" eye. AND was told by the covering dr. on Fri. that I could go BLIND if I did not rush over to the ER pronto! So, all in all, I am not a happy camper. But I'll get over it...once my eyes no longer hurt! :)


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