Tuesday, October 20, 2009

12 Years Ago! THE CALL!!!!!!!!

12 years ago today I arrived at work and soon picked up the phone to call my adoption agency. I was feeling somewhat down, having spent the previous day with friends who got on the subject of my adoption, and kept saying things like, "Are you sure this is legit? Maybe they took your money and ran!" Since I personally knew and attended church with the local reps from the agency, I knew that was not the case. But still...what was to have been a 4-6 month wait was now nearing 10, and I was weary. I left a rather whiney message on Jim & Marie's answering machine, something to the effect of "Hi, Marie, this is Nancy. Could you call me? I'm just feeling a little crazy."

About 45 min. later I received THE CALL. Such a funny series of coincidences! First, Jim had installed a new answering machine in the basement office, and had forgotten to turn the ringer back on. So while Marie was HOME, she did not know the phone had rung. Meanwhile, Caroline from Children's Hope had ALSO called her and left a message saying "Hi, Marie, we have a referral for one of your families, Nancy Johnson. Alright, well I guess I will call her, she's waited SO long!" Marie, headed through the office to the laundry room, noticed the blinking lights on the machine, and checked the messages. She frantically called me back.

When I answered my phone, Marie sounded really strange...very hesitant. She did not know if Caroline had called me yet. She desperately wanted to be the one to give me the good news. So when I just began to whine to her, she interrupted me and said "Nancy, I have good news for you today." I replied, "What?" Marie repeated herself, and I repeated, "What?!?" She then said "I have good news. Don't go anywhere. I have to call St. Louis (HQ) and I will call you right back!"

Now remember, I was at work. I was standing up by this time, and my friend Anita thought it was bad news, as I was shaking uncontrollably, turning red, then white, and crying. I couldn't talk well, and when I finally managed to convey the message, my whole team at work was electrified. A few minutes (I am SURE it was HOURS and HOURS!) Marie called me. I had a precious 14 mo. old daughter waiting for me in ShaoYang, Hunan Province, China. She was healthy and her name Shao Xi meant "doubly happy." For about 10 seconds I was sad that I had missed so much of her life, but then I just didn't care because she was MINE!!!

Later on that day Caroline faxed me over a picture of her. It is on my sidebar, and I am sure you will agree that there was nothing else for me to do but fall deeply, madly in love with my child.

I am thankful today for all of God's miracles, but most especially thankful that He chose this child for me. She is a blessing beyond compare and the very best part of my life. TWELVE YEARS...doesn't seem possible! TWELVE WONDERFUL YEARS!


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