Saturday, October 31, 2009

So, here's the thing

...I wish I had a whole bunch of really, really, really wealthy friends. Cuz here's what I would ask of them: Please apply to adopt a baby/child from China, from Uganda, from Ethiopia...who cares? Please bring me WITH you when you go to collect said child. And when we all get home? Please just give me that precious life to raise as my own. You see, it would be NOTHING to you to put out the money. And besides a trip to wherever, you'd be off the hook. Because I would give just about ANYTHING to be able to bring more children home and love on them. I would be SO happy to have another child. But I can't. By many I'm considered some or all of these things: too old, too poor, too heavy, too "single". How sad. How very sad that my arms ache to hold a tiny little one, and there are MILLIONS of them out there who long for arms just like mine...and we are separated by what seems a world of difference...or is that indifference?

If you are a lover of God, of Jesus, then I don't know how you can ignore him when He said the TRUE religion is to care for the widows (which I take to mean all single women trying to make it on their own in this world!) and orphans. Yeah, I know...I'm likely preaching to the choir here.
But oh, it hurts to want something SO badly and know it won't happen. I have often wished there were a way to place a large neon like sign in the sky over my place, saying "Feel free to leave your unwanted baby here!" So many little ones in need of a mama.

Okay...just had to get that off my chest. I am in a melancholy mood tonight...a dear friend lost her battle with cancer yesterday, and I can't IMAGINE the world going on without her. She was SUCH a great person...witty, kind, loving, generous, SOOO funny, bright...oh, I could go on and on. I will miss you Carol, and you have given me one more reason to not fear death, but to step through into the other side of eternity, and give you a hug!


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