Friday, October 2, 2009

Quick update

On the Nanny job front...I have exchanged several very encouraging emails with Christine, the twin baby boys' mom. She herself is an older mother, and really likes that I am mature, and my outlook on things. I went back and read the original job posting, and the one thing I somehow missed is that they do not want someone who must bring their own child to the job. HOWEVER, I did mention, not even having a CLUE that this was in there, about maybe having to bring Shao if there was a school closure, etc. And she didn't seem fazed by that in her subsequent emails, even though she had said no. I imagine she meant someone bringing their own SMALL child with them every day.

So PLEASE pray for me, on this one. I am SOOOO afraid that my weight will become an issue. But I AM in the midst of changing a lot of my eating habits, and I do hope to lose some more weight (I lost 40 about 18 mos. ago), AND when I was home with Shao, running around after her, I lost alot of weight, too! :) I have not mentioned this factor to Christine, as I think it should NOT be one, but you never know. I am so very used to discrimination on this is very hurtful, and after an entire life of it, you'd think I'd be enured to it, but NOT so much. SOOO...pray that if this is what the Lord wants, it will work out. And if not, that He will very firmly close the door!

Thanks for your prayers!


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