Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nanny Job Front

So, on Monday morning I had a face to face interview with Christene, mama to the babies. I think it went REALLY well. I liked her SOOO much. Hopefully it was reciprocal! She is an asst. principal in a Jr. High. Very down to earth. I told her that even if she found someone that she felt was a better fit, I would be delighted to babysit any time they needed a sitter. Anyhow, she will let everyone know by the end of the week who has "made it into the finals." She told me she had over 30 applicants, but narrowed it down to about 6, of which I was one. So now she's going to narrow the field down some more, and then have people come to the house to meet her husband and the babies. IF you pass that muster, then you will come for a weekend day, and spend the day with them, learning the schedule, etc.

I found out that the boys have been in daycare for the past 2 months, but they have had numerous colds, ear infections, you name it. Their pediatrician suggested they might be better off with a nanny. And so here we are. They love the daycare, but the health of the boys comes first, of course.

Keep on praying! I think I would really fit in well with them, and of course I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having babies in my life every day! :)


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