Friday, October 23, 2009

Nanny update

Nothing. I've heard nothing. This is torture. This is SUCH a perfect job for me, and I am so very, very good at raising kids! I would be SOOOO wonderful for them, and they for me! But it is not my decision. And in truth, it is not THEIRS, fully, either. Whether they know it or not, it is really in God's trustworty Hands. And while my heart and soul know that He ALWAYS wants the greatest good for me, I long for this job. I have to continually rein ME back, and ask HIM to lead. It is hard. It is maybe one of the hardest times ever. Except the wait for referral for my own precious baby. Oh, now THAT was agony! And I don't envy those waiting NOW...3 or more YEARS wait! Although the prize at the end? OH MY, worth 10 times that wait!

So...I wait. I can only imagine I will hear within the next two days. Meanwhile, I will continue to pray for God's guidance and wisdom, and for His will to be done, not mine, not even theirs. He knows, cares, and loves me, and I can trust Him to keep me.


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  1. there is that word again ... WAIT ... sister I feel ya ... will be praying