Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby alert!

So, I confess. I really am computer illiterate! Okay, breath deep. I know it's a shock (well, not to those who know me "in real life." I can assure you, they are not the least surprised...right, Lor?!? Thanks to my dear friend Lori, whom I traveled to China with way back when, to get our babies, soon my blog may look less "institutional", and more...hmm...well, beautiful, because Lori, aka the Queen of Scrapbooking, has kindly offered to put my blog out of its misery, and do some decorating! I cannot WAIT! Lori does some of the most elegant scrapbooking. You could show me a page anywhere, and I SWEAR I would recognize Lori's, because of it's style and beauty! :)

On to other things...spent some time with my sweet niece Jen this weekend. Oh, my. That child needs to have those babies POSTHASTE!!! Her poor feet! She is at the Dr's as we "speak", for her weekly appointments. I hope they say "You know, we'd better do it today!" But if NOT, then it's only 2 more days until Cadence and Hayleigh will be in our arms! Please pray at 7:30 AM EDT, for Jen and the girls. That is the scheduled time for the C-section. And I MAY get to be up at the hospital earlier than I had hoped, because the weather forecast looks like there may be no school on Wednesday, due to an incoming snowstorm. If it is not TOO bad, I will drive to the hospital in the AM, to get a peek at those sweeties! If there is school, thus work, I will be going up Wed. afternoon, once I get through work. Shao is taking the night off from dance, to go with me and cuddle babies. Can't wait! I spent a bit of time helping fold tiny clothes, etc., and looking at the HUGE row of outfits hanging in their closet! Those poor kids better get used to outfit changes, because trust me, there will be a lot of that going on! :)

Shao & I went to a movie on Saturday, "Hotel for Dogs". Cute movie. It was fun to go with her, as we very seldom go to movies, as they are a costly luxury, in my book. But I worked Sat. morning with my sister, cleaning up a recently vacated house that was going on the market, so I decided to use some of that "found" money to do something fun with my girlie. In between that, church, visiting with Jen, I managed to several loads of laundry. Not an easy thing, since we don't have facilities, thus I have to take it all over the place, to willing relatives' homes who DO have washers/dryers! :)

Today is Shao's first day to go on pointe. She is excited. I think that will wane quickly, once the pain of pointe shoes becomes a reality! Ah, how we must suffer for our art!

So, here we are. Happy Chinese New Year, by the way! Year of the Ox. We celebrated Friday night by going out for Chinese food. Yummy!

Nothing much else happening here. Frigid cold, single digits, and minus in some parts of the state. Big snow tomorrow night THROUGH Thursday, maybe. According to Shao, at this rate, she'll be going to school in the summer, with all the snow we are getting. Typically we get the MOST snowstorms in February and some in March, and occassionally one in April. So I think this year is stacking up to be a banner snow year...if you LIKE that sort of stuff! Me, not so much. 5 and half more years and Shao will be in college. At which point, I think I will turn into a snowbird. Beware, all you who live in warmer climes...I may land on your doorstep! HA!


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  1. I hope I can live up to your description of me, Nancy! We'll be praying everything goes well with the babies.