Sunday, January 18, 2009

History in the making!

It has been snowing on and off for the past 20 hours, or so. Enough to keep us housebound, but not really enough to consider it alot of snow. More expected tomorrow night, though, so maybe that will put us over the top! And we are in the midst of a heat wave! It is in the teens for a low, not minus zero! HA!

No school tomorrow, thus no work for moi! We do get paid for this holiday, though! PTL! Our neighbor is taking me, Shao, my mom and my brother out for lunch tomorrow. How nice is that? I think it is our Christmas gift, or part of it! :) It will be good to get out of the house, since I hibernated today. But I am happy to not have to set the alarm for the pre-dawn hours!

Yesterday ShaoXi and I went and bought her very first pair of pointe shoes! I can't tell you how very excited she is! I would be MORE excited if they hadn't been so very expensive! Nothing I can do about that. Tomorrow the parents of her pointe class have been "summoned" to come in at the end of class, for a sesson on how to sew on the ribbons, etc. You would think considering how much they cost, that this would already be done. Nope.

And of course, Shao is now worried that maybe her pointe shoes AREN'T the right size, in spite of the fact that we went to the store, and three different people checked to make sure they WERE. NOW she tells me that maybe she should have spoke up, because they may be too tight. In her defense she has no idea how they are REALLY supposed to feel, so figured they SHOULD feel snug. But now she is wondering. Guess the instructors may have a clue tomorrow. We may have to take a trip BACK to the store, if they aren't right.

The fun facts about pointe shoes are that they wear out QUICKLY. Oh, joy. Depending on how often they are worn, it could be a monthly expense! YIKES! The only good thing is that I understand we might be able to get them in "bulk", quantity, once we have a good feel for which shoes work best for her. Apparently, different makes and models work better for some than others, so it may "take several pairs" before we decided which ones are right for her. Oh, my.

Happy Martin Luther King day to y'all! Remember to be thankful for the freedom we have here in America. While I did not vote for Barack Obama, it is interesting that his inauguration comes on the heels of MLK day. What a very long way America has come since Rosa Parks! When you think of it, it really wasn't THAT long ago that we were in the midst of the Civil War! Equality still has a long ways to go, in some ways, but we are working on it! We are very privileged to be citizens of this great land. God Bless America!


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