Friday, January 16, 2009

Urgent need!

If I've been silent, it has not been because I have not been online. No. I have been riveted to one of my all time favorite blogs, that of Linn Saunders, at "".

Go there. Read their story...not just the most recent, catastrophic happenings. Read about their hearts for orphans, their willingness to do whatever it takes to give forever families (theirs, specifically!) to children with NONE.

Linny's home burnt down on Wednesday. She was able to get all six kids and two dogs out. A miracle in was early morning, and they were all asleep. On Thursday her teenaged son Graham was rushed to surgery for appendicitis. Last night her husband became quite ill. Makes you wonder what these folks are doing, for the devil to be so intent on stopping them. Read the blog. You won't wonder any more.

Please pray for the Saunders family. Many people are lifting them up and helping them. But our prayers are what is most precious to them. They are grieving and bewildered, but hanging on to their faith and their Lord. I love you, Linn and Dwight...and Abi, Ryan, Ty, Autumn, Graham, Emma, Liberty, Isaiah, Elizabeth, Elijah, and Jubilee (still waiting in China for the Saunders to come bring her home!) Hope I didn't forget any kids! :)


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