Friday, January 23, 2009

Where there's smoke...

The end of the we long for Fridays! But it makes me wonder why we are "wishing our lives away." Each week gone by is one that I will never see again. One full of lost opportunities, and many blessings as well. I have always said that we should live each day as if it is our last, because you just never know. And yet, I am guilty of doing just the opposite of that, of not savoring each day for what it is, a present to be opened with joy and expectation.

Last night we had a scare. About 8:30PM, ShaoXi came into the living room, telling me she smelled something. I didn't, so she went back to her room. About 15 min. later, I DID smell something...not so much the smell of smoke, but definitely a burned smell. It got stronger and stronger, until I finally called the landlady. We scurried around, checking our smoke detectors, and they all worked. Not that I put full stock in THAT, since my friend Linny's house was LOADED with them, she is a fanatic, and only the one hooked into their home security system went off last Wednesday, when her house went up in flames! With her story fresh on my mind, Shao & I hurriedly pulled on clothes and left the house. Come to find out, the downstairs tenant had left a pan of veggies on the stove, and all the water had evaporated and the veggies scorched. WOW, it was a lot of smell for one pan of veggies! We had to open doors and windows for quite awhile, to get the house smelling halfway decent. Even so, it stilled smelled "burnt" when I went to bed 3 hours later. Thankfully, the smell was gone this morning. But it was a reminder to be thankful for each moment. And ALSO to check your smoke detectors, and replace those batteries!! Go on, now...check yours! And when was the last time you replaced the batteries? Well, what are you waiting for, hop to it!


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