Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Last night I picked up Shao from ballet, and she was SOOO excited! She is going on pointe in the near future!!! This past fall she has been laid up (for THREE months) with a basically unexplained muscle ligament problem in her left foot/ankle. While she went to ballet every class, she did NOT dance, just watched, which made her slightly crazed. And she was sure this would stop her from going on pointe this year, which made her more than slightly sad. BUT...she is going on pointe! :) Can't wait to see her first pointe performance...how cool!

But of course, my first thoughts went to...oh, no, pointe shoes! Which are EXPENSIVE. Which cannot be handed down (as far as I know!) And which we have NO money for! Gramma & Grampa to the rescue...our Christmas gift arrived today, just enough for the shoes! Yippee! THANK YOU, Gramma & Grampa...the thank you note is sitting right in front of me, all sealed, waiting for an address and a stamp! :)

While this is primarily a blog to journal our everyday life, I also want it to be an expression of who I am. So be forewarned...I may just get philosophical on y'all at times! AND...I may have questions to ask, as well! Because, let's face it...while those of you who are family & friends (which in our book are one and the same) know us, and I can privately email or call you whenever I please, a public blog can introduce us to a whole lot of folks we've never met before! COOL!!! I have a bigger pool of brains to pick, when things get a bit rocky! :)

Hope your Tuesday has gone well. Shao is off tonight at her tap class, for an hour. And we are braced for a winter storm of sorts...supposed to end in rain, especially here on the shore...but that's not until tomorrow afternoon, and prior to that...snow, then sleet, then freezing rain! Oh, joy...don't I just love driving children to school (70 miles round trip!) in THAT!


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