Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sweetest things!

Oh, my. My two little nieces are utterly adorable, and OH so sweet! Tomorrow I will get my computer-savvy daughter to help me, and will try to post some pictures. Wait until you see these darlings! I am telling you, they are precious! I didn't get anywhere in enough cuddling, as their big brothers were there meeting them for the first time, as well as my sister, their gramma. So I let them hold them, and bit my tongue, and sat on my hands. But I did get to hold each one for a little while. My poor niece Jen is utterly exhausted. Tonight she will feed them well, then they are going to the nursery for one feeding. So hopefully, she can get maybe 4 or 5 hours a sleep...which will DOUBLE what she has gotten in the past 48 hours, thus far!

She told me that today they got "kicked out" of the nursery! Yikes, they're already in trouble! I guess they were a little too vocal, and they are understaffed during the day, and there are a couple of babies there who really need quite, so Cadence and Hayleigh were expelled. I shudder to think what lies ahead! :)

We had school today, although only after an hour and a half delay. LOTS of ice everywhere...well, most of the roads are fine. But my DRIVEWAY! Now that's a whole other ball of wax! Sheer ice, and it is THICK! Too bad it wasn't smooth, we could skate! LOL

Pray for Jen and the babes, and for Daddy Paul, too! They all need a peaceful night. They will all come home on Sunday. We are making them a big ham dinner, with all the fixings. Hopefully they will be able to pick on that for several days. I have two more weeks of work, and then a week off, which coincides with when the babies' daddy has to go back to work. So I will spend much of my weeks vacation helping out...very happily, I might add. There is little I like more than to hold tiny babies!


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