Monday, January 12, 2009

Prima Ballerina

Very peaceful here...that translates to girly being at her ballet and modern dance classes! Monday is a VERY long day for her, as I don't pick her up until 8:30 pm, which is the time she is USUALLY climbing into bed (if I have anything to say about it!) Originally she just had ballet, but the head of her studio requested that Shao be allowed to join her modern dance class, and we couldn't turn down the honor. Shao is on full scholarship with her ballet studio, which is such a blessing. She is extraorinarily gifted at ballet. This fact alone floors me. Here is a child who, but for the grace and mercy of our loving Father, could still be in a Chinese orphanage. And yet, she is not, and her many God-given gifts are celebrated by such a huge crowd of people who love her. If this is not a confirmation of how much God loves us, I don't know what is! I was told, after her first year of dance, at age 5, that she had what it took to be prima ballerina in any company in the world, if she decided that was what she wanted, and was willing to work for it. At age FIVE! Now THAT'S a gift! How's THAT for a little girl who not long before was an orphan in a Communist country, with little hope of a future of ANY sort, never mind THAT! Go, God! Let's see what ELSE You have planned for this marvelous child you have entrusted to me!

ShaoXi's goal is to dance prima with New York City Ballet...and to attend Juilliard. She'd "settle" for Yale, though...although I don't think they have a ballet program that would be right for her! :)
She is incredible. How did I get so blessed? I mean, REALLY? I just don't get it. So much life in one little package, even right from the very beginning! It breaks my heart that there are so many new rules in place now, that people like myself (single, somewhat poor, older, etc., etc.) will never have the opportunity to go to China and bring home a treasure like I have done...and also that so many little ones, mostly girls, will never have the chance to be part of a forever family.

Anyhow...while I enjoy the quiet, I miss her, at the same time. She is such a integral part of this little family of ours...just she and I...and yet, without either one of us, we would not BE a "family." And so, I am ever grateful for this gift. It's incomparable, only to be exceeded by God's GREATEST gift to us, that of His Son, Jesus. God is good...all the time!

Blessings...(wow, two posts in one day!)


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