Monday, January 12, 2009

Scrooge resides at our house!

SO...did ya miss me?!? :) It's been quiet around here...mostly because we spent the entire weekend hunkered down, with a snowstorm that turned to an icestorm at the end! Actually, to be correct, I should say I spent it that way. ShaoXi managed to escape on Sunday for several hours, to go play in the snow with a friend...whose mom was much more willing than I to drive!

Back to the normal routine today. Not looking forward to the rest of the week. The Northeast is in for what is being the called the coldest temps in YEARS. UGH!!!! Get me OUTTA here! Seriously, it is supposed to be 15 to 20 that again, people, I said BELOW zero! That IS with the windchill's only supposed to be a balmy ZERO without figuring the wind into the equation. Have I mentioned how very MUCH I detest the cold? My getting-older-every-minute-bones are protesting as it is, and it is only 25 degrees out. This will be one of those times that you need to wrap your entire face in a scarf, or else you won't be able to catch your breath. UGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!

So, most of our Christmas things are packed away, except the actual tree. I had it on all weekend, and really enjoyed the beauty of the lights. Soon enough it will be gone to the attic for another year. Probably sooner than I would like, as Shao seems to want it gone (little Scrooge!) I will not do it JUST because she wants it, but I suppose it has been up quite awhile (since the day after Thanksgiving!) I have to get used to the look of the UNdecorated house. I HATED it at first, so very bare. It should improve once I begin REdecorating with all the usual knickknacks, which are still packed away in the attic. One of these days....

Need to head out to work...wish I could stay home and snuggle with my girl...but she's in school, and my kindergarteners are depending on me to deliver them safely to school. So its off to the saltmines...HA! :)


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  1. Hi Nancy,
    Stopping by to thank you for joining in the friends at A Place Called have blessed me beyond words...

    I see you have a 12 year old from China - bless you! No pictures? Email me one, pretty please? You know all about me - so just a pic? I'm sure she is a wonderful treasure!

    Anyway, thank you!

    From my home to yours, Linn
    PS I am writing a blog right now and will be mentioning you in it...