Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Still waiting for babies!

It has finally stopped snowing! Sometime in the middle of the night, it quit. A little slippery, driving this morning, but now the sun is out full force. There's even a little melting going on...which, in reality, just means tonight there will be some freezing! UGH!

The birds are flocking to the feeders in the side yard. I love watching them, especially the cardinals and chickadees. Pretty much the squirrels have decided our feeders are impregnable, so have given up. They'll have to find their sustenance elsewhere...sorry, squirrels, can't afford to feed you, too!

I have a new schedule for work these days. My boss decided that my cranky kid, D., was getting a bit out of hand, and put a man on that run as the driver. Poor Francis, he isn't haven't any trouble with D, last I heard, but my little C. is giving him a run for his money! C doesn't adjust well to change, and he is not a happy little camper. I miss C, but truthfully, do not miss D.

My new charge is a little boy who is autistic, and has some self-injuring tendencies. I have an aide, who sits with him to make sure he doesn't "go off." So far it has been peaceful and no problem at all, for which I am thankful. No drama works for me! In the afternoon I drive two kindergarteners home, both of whom are autistic, one much more affected than the other. They are such BEAUTIFUL little boys, really drop dead gorgeous. Makes your heart squeeze a bit to realize the difficulties they and their parents face on a daily basis. "There but for the grace of God", and all that!

No real news here, other than the "pointe info" meeting at Shao's ballet school. I now need to sit down and sew the ribbons and the elastic on the new shoes. Very exciting...no, honestly, it is. Shao has been working VERY hard toward this first goal in ballet. We face it with no little trepidation, knowing that as cool as it is, it can mean pain, blisters, bloody feet, and perseverance. I guess this may be the watershed moment for her. She will have to begin to make the choices necessary to follow her dream of dancing professionally, or to decide to take another path in life. She is already 12 and a half, and a mere 5 and a half years stands between now and college, and some big decisions! She will be JUST 18 when she starts college, God willing. The ride begins...I think I am going to need to hang on for dear life, it bodes to be quite the wild one!

Keep my niece Jen in prayer! Still pregnant, still miserable...at worst, babes will arrive next Wednesday. Best case scenario is SOONER! Can't wait to cuddle them...hurry up, Cadence and Hayleigh, we want to love on you!



  1. I'm glad you got rid of D. Your job sounds rewarding, but definitely difficult at times. I can't think of anyone better to do it, though. You are an amazingly wonderful person!