Friday, April 23, 2010

Fabulous Friday!

So today, I celebrate Friday! This has been an intensely crazy week at work. Coupled with coming back after a week OFF, it has been doubly crazy! So, even though I truly TRY not to wish the days away (when you get to be my age, you want every day to STRETCH!), THIS week I am glad to be done...well, almost. In fact, they just called me to do an unexpected run in half an hour. I pretty much never say no. Which is why they call ME, and not someone else. My mama didn't raise no dummies! :) I need the money, and am thankful for whatever they throw my way. And THIS week, it sure felt like they were THROWING the stuff at me...I was all over the place, and they would send me one place, then call me back, change things a hundred times...nuts.'s Friday. And next week I am SUPPOSED to be starting a new, permanent run. As permanent as it GETS in the Durham School Bus world! :) This will be my THIRD "permanent" run this school year. I think it would be much less crazy if people would just COME to work. It amazes me how many people call out each day. If I was in charge, (and if we had enough drivers, which we NEVER do!) calling out for no good reason would lead fairly quickly to termination. I go in no matter WHAT! I had laser eye surgery yesterday, and fit it in between my runs. I fit ALL my appointments in between runs, when ever possible. I go in when I am sick as a dog. It's my's my responsibility. And it's not like my work can be left undone until I come back...the kids need to go to school and back again!

Okay...enough venting! :) FABULOUS Friday, remember? With a bit of Thankful Thursday thrown in! :)

Today I am thankful for:

my sweet apartment, with all it's beautiful wood floors, and 250 year old charm

my precious daughter, who went to school this morning with a kiss and a smile

my job...having been unemployed regularly for 4 years, this is a blessing! I know there are many folks out there with NO job.

my family and friends who love me despite of myself!

my Saviour, Jesus, Who is faithful, true, and loves me beyond reason!

Hope you all have a terrific weekend! I plan to! Miss Shao has taken it upon herself, in honor of Earth Day, to organize a crew of girls to go to the beach and clean it up! You go, girlfriend! I am so proud of that kid! :)


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  1. Continuing to pray for your special, wonderful family. I will continue to check in to see what the Lord is doing.