Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fun in St. Louis!

I have never been in the midwest before. It is in the high 80's here, if not 90, and GORGEOUS! Yesterday Richard brought lilacs home from work...our lilac season in New England begins in mid-May, at the earliest!!!! LILACS!!!! My very favorite...oh, the smell!

And today I got to rock their baby to sleep...such sweetness! Heaven, in my eyes!

Today we went to a butterfly conservatory, and apparently butterflies LOVE me. Hmm! I had one "hitchhiker" the whole time I was in there, and several who came and went, including one that came and sat on the back of my hand for a very long time. So very beautiful!

Thursday we are going to see the famous "Arch" in St. Louis, and a basilica, and maybe back to the butterfly place. And I don't know WHAT else. Should be a full day! :) And Richard will take the day off, which will be a blast.

Meanwhile, my girlie is plying her now beloved Uncle Richard with deep theological questions...very cool! He is so cute about it...he actually took her list of questions to work with him yesterday and spent time looking up answers and scriptures! Shao said to me, the other night, "Mama, you were right!" I looked at her questioningly and she said "I LOVE Uncle Richard!" I had told her to just wait, she would LOVE him...yep! Mama knows best! :)


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