Saturday, April 24, 2010

Teenagers! AKA Sunny Saturday

So Miss ShaoXi came home all fired up yesterday. She organized a group of girls to come down to our town beach and do clean-up! Pretty cool, eh? I was very proud of her! So...of course, this meant that SOME adult needed to be there as a check-in person. That, um, would be ME, since it was my kid who was the one who dreamed this up!

Lucky for all, it was a glorious day, and 8 13-14 year old girls spent about 4 hours on the beach...some cleaning DID get done, and a LOT of fun! And me? Well, one of the kid's grandmas brought her, so I made a new friend, a very nice lady, and we had a great time chatting.

Let me tell you, teenage girls are a hoot! I LOVE hearing them jabber and laugh together. But I must say...I am glad (OH SO GLAD!!) that tonight? I am goin' solo...girly went for a sleepover! Peace reigns in shaosworld! :) And I'm thinking...four hours of sun and sea breeze? We should ALL sleep well tonight! :) IF my rather sun/wind burned face lets me! YIKES! :)

You know what I REALLY like? That these girls, who do NOT come from Christian homes, KNOW that Shao does not like swearing or inappropriate things. And so they do NOT swear in her presence. I'm thinking...if they spend LOTS and LOTS of time with her, then eventually, maybe the NEW habit of NOT swearing will come into play more than the old! Meanwhile, I pick her and the two girls having the sleepover up for Sunday school and then church in the morning! YEAH! I'm goin' out into the highways and byways, and bringin' 'em in! Let's get them all saved, that's my mission in life! :) At least at THIS point! :)


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