Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A list, as requested!

So...a sweet reader asked me to post a list of things ShaoXi needs for her trip to camp! My sweet sister in the Lord, Sherri, is buying her a set of extra-long twin bed sheets! YAY! Something we absolutely didn't have. The list the Conservatory sent is divided up into a few different sections. Bedding: sheets, mattress cover (didn't notice this one til right now!), towels and wash cloths (but we have these...may be old, and not matching, but we DO have them!)

Toiletries: Containers for make-up, jewelry, and hair items (makes sense!)
ANd then the actual toiletries. And I am not sure if it is a communal shower room...if so, I guess she would need some sort of a caddy to carry things to and from the bathroom!

Sneakers/comfortable walking shoes (no flip flops allowed! No idea why!) This girl has SHOES!
no problem there! :)
Coverups for over her dancewear...I think I might make her a couple of those dresses that are gathered on top...you just buy the material, enough to go around her, and PRESTO! A dress! (once you add straps!)
Dance bag/dance wear: Most of this will need to be ordered from their Dance Shop, since it is
very specific as to maker, type and color!
The appliances she is okay with...alarm clock, hair dryer and Ipod (I thought that was a riot, that that was listed ans an appliance!!!)
Cup/mug; stationary; hangers (got those!), Laundry bag & detergent (got the detergent!); Quarters to DO laundry; umbrella; raincoat

She will obviously need to bring all the usual personal items, ie, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoos and conditioners, LOTS and LOTS of black bobby pins (they disappear like crazy!), black hair nets for her bun, to hold it all together; etc., etc.

I also told her I will send her up with a case of bottled water to start with. You can buy it in the Dance shop, but I am SURE it cost money! I was happy to hear that the rooms have a small dorm sized frig, so she can stock it with water! Yay! I will also send lots of healthy snacks, some plastic utensils, a jar of PB, and one of jam, some bread, yogurt...you know...so the POOR child doesn't starve to death! Yes, there is a reportedly very good food program. But you know kids!!! :)

I told her we could untie the curtains from her room at home and take them, in case we can use them...they are tie ons, so easy enough, and just sheer aqua so should work...IF there are curtain rods. Not sure. I am sure she will take along a few of her MILLION fuzzy throw pillows and a stuffed animal or two, as well as her beloved bed pillow. Her gramma gave her a laptop, so that will go along. I need to find a cell phone program that has no set amount of months, that is one set price for a month, all inclusive. Anyone have an idea? I am pretty clueless about anything technical! I do manage to blog here, but it's by the grace of God, believe me! :)

Okay...much of this stuff we have at home. I am resisting beginning packing. Believe me, when I was getting ready to head to China, long before I actually got my referral, I began! Maybe I need to get a cardboard box and begin putting stuff in it...toothpaste, shampoo, etc.! I think that would make me feel like I am doing something...relieve my anxiety, a little!

So...there ya go. A list. Just pray, okay, that we gather everything together. I'm not too worried. Except about the actual dancewear. Not that I'm worried. But that stuff we definitely DO NOT have, nor was I able to find it anywhere on line...looking for more reasonable prices, don't ya know? :)

Blessings...and hugs...and thanks!


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  1. Shao is so gorgeous and grown up!

    I heard that you contacted Virginia at Starfish. I don't know why I didn't think to contact you myself, especially now that you are scrapbooking digitally! I decided I needed to focus on one scrapbook medium, and have been doing paper exclusively, except for some Heritage Makers stuff.

    I need to get over to Scrap Garden and see more pictures of Shao!