Friday, April 9, 2010


Tomorrow...tomorrow I will see one of my very best friends from Bible college, whom I lost contact with maybe 10 years ago! I found them again about a year ago (DUH...finally ocurred to me to call his mama, whom I KNEW would still be living in his hometown!) Anyhow...Shao & I were blessed with tickets to fly to St. Louis, MO, to see he and his wife, and their two boys. But it gets better. I THINK he is going to water baptize ShaoXi!!!! She has asked me if this could happen, and he is working on it. He DOES have a baptismal pool at his church. This is so special! You see, he and his wife and his oldest son Alex drove all the way up from North Carolina when Shao was first home from China to do her baby dedication. And now he might baptize her...the only thing left is to help perform her wedding ceremony! How cool is all that?!?! adoption agency is headquartered in St. Louis! So I get to take my treasure over to see the folks there and thank them...what a gift, beyond all reason, she has been in my life. Hmmm....maybe I need to bake cookies, or something, eh? :) How in the WORLD do you say thank you for such a gift? I have no clue!!!!

We will be there until next Friday. So we get to hear Richard preach a few times, and MAYBE he will be able to set up a baptismal service. I asked him VERY late, as I was waiting for confirmation from Shao that this is what she wanted. And she is eager...oh, my heart, God is good!!!!!!!!

So...I can only imagine they will have a computer at home that I can use. I think I will have some free time, as they both work, although they will take some time off to have fun while we are there. And I did volunteer to care for their 20 month old monkey, Josiah, when they had to work. That will save them some money, which is always a good thing! :) Can you tell I'm excited? It remains to be seen how Miss Shao does. I'm told Alex loves video games, but Shao is more of a climb a tree, do cartwheels, get outside kind of kid. Hopefully they will find some common ground! He is 2 months older than ShaoXi. So, off to St. Louis we go! Gonna be a blast!


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