Monday, April 26, 2010

Memorial Box Monday

So, Miss Shao is getting more and more excited about Nutmeg! And I am beginning to start my lists of lists, getting ready for the big day. There is a list of things she needs to bring along, some of it dance wear, and some of it for her dorm room. My little a dorm room. Oh, my heart! Thought I had at least another 4 years to prep for this one! :)

Anyhow...a sweet sister in the Lord, who I am assuming came to my blog through Linny's Crazy Love Challenges, sent me a comment to please contact her. And so I did...and she said God told her it was HER job to provide the extra-long sheets for ShaoXi's dorm bed! Now...sheets, you say. Doesn't sound like a big, huge thing. OH, but it IS!!!!! Cuz the truth is, I just don't have the money to spend on something that she will only need that one time. And sheets aren't cheap, anyways! And MAYBE she will be able to use them again another year. That remains to be seen. And we COULD have used a set of double sheets and made do with it. But no....our God wants to show my girl just how very much He loves her, by using Sherri. And she isn't just "buying sheets." She asked exactly what colors Shao likes. I did tell Shao, and she is very excited to see the surprise when the bedding arrives! So cool! Thank you, Sherri. Thank you for blessing us! We pray that God blesses you back, "pressed down, and running over!"



  1. I think the woman's name is Linny not Sherri

  2. continuing to pray for your health and your daughter. Thank you for sharing how God is blessing you through prayer and Crazy Love.

  3. All I can say is YIPPEE JESUS!! He loves to provide for His kids and sometimes its thru total strangers....llike who would think someone would write saying they are going to provide sheets? That, my dear, is complete and total CRAZY LOVE!!

  4. Please put up the list of things she needs, or at least a few things. I, for one, would love to find her some things for her dorm room. I am sure that some of your other readers would, as well.