Friday, April 30, 2010

Fabulous Friday!

Yeah, I'm on a roll here...ya wants some chips with that? Get it? :)

Anyhow...Miss Chrissie, the Serbian Sensation (see button on side of my blog) is hanging in there like a trouper. Go, God! Go, Chrissie!!!

It is bright and sunny, and hit about 77 degrees today. Tomorrow they are calling for more of the same, except warmer! Yeah! :) My kinda weather! And tomorrow is...drum roll, please...SATURDAY!!!! PERFECT!!!

The one little fly in my ointment is my bus aide, Gerry (short for Geraldine.) She is VERY old...for a bus aide. Maybe close to 80? And weighs MAYBE 90 pounds...she is about 4' 8" tall. Teeny, tiny. And...I guess my driving scares her to death. The very first comment she made, the very first day, within the first 30 seconds of getting on the highway (I KID YOU NOT...30 seconds!!!) was "I've never had a driver go over 60 before!" Um...lady...the speed limit is 65. It's a van, not a bus. We're allowed to do the speed limit. The traffic is FLYING. If we don't get up and keep up the speed, we're gonna be rear-ended!!!!! Since then, she has told me about all the very many drivers she has been with, all who stay in the slow lane, and don't go over 60. Aiyiyiyi! Luckily, I actually LIKE her, when she's not doing a running commentary on driving skills! :) Thankfully, she does not work on Mondays, so I have 3 days off. And the young man that she aides for graduates in less than 2 months, so that will be that. PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other than that....things are good! :) I have a new endeavor, I am doing digiscrapping for an orphanage in China!! It is run by a South African woman who was raised in the US, and all the babies that come to her are special needs. They can be there for a few months, or up to several years, before they are adopted by their "forever families." And Amanda likes to take pictures...1000's and 1000's of pictures. SOOO...we are making scrapbooks for each baby, to give to their new families. Cool, huh? Lovin' it!!!!

Not much other news than that. Hope y'all have a GREAT weekend!!!! :)


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  1. Im glad I dont have to look at those pics. Id be wanting every single one of them!