Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eye Update!

I went to the eye dr. today. He was extremely pleased, and surprised, at how nicely my eye is healing/improving. Since it was the worst infection he had ever seen, I guess he thought it would prove more difficult to heal. BUT...it is doing well! I am now down to only ONE kind of eye drop, and that only 4X a day for a week, and then 3X a day for week, and I don't go back to see him for TWO weeks. Sure beats every day, like in the beginning! So I am happy, and looking forward to it betting even better. Currently, the sight is still not terrific, it is a bit cloudy and there is a large curtain-like floater over it. But I must remember...PATIENCE is the name of the game.

Now, if only I knew what this strange bump is on my head? And then there's the sprained ankle and scraped knee from my lovely fall in our pitted driveway, yesterday! (sigh)


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  1. girl, you are falling apart ... hee hee ... I am glad the eye is better ... thanks for always encouraging me !! You ROCK