Tuesday, April 21, 2009

True Story Tuesday

My friend Linny does "True Story Tuesday", and you HAVE to go to her blog to read...aplacecalledsimplicity.blogspot.com ANYHOW...she had inspired me (she has a HABIT of doing that!) to put a true story about ME on my blog. So here goes!

When I was in Bible College (Valley Forge Christian College, in Phoenixville PA) I was privileged to minister with the Voices of Freedom Concert Choir. Every Fall and Spring we would climb on a tour bus, make ourselves little "apartments" (decorate our seats! I was the BEST!) and drive all over the Eastern Seaboard, and even into Ohio and Western PA, giving concerts. One night we landed in Ohio...not sure where, but it was a BIG church. We trooped in, were led to our changing rooms, etc., went upstairs, did a sound check, went to the Fellowship Hall for supper, and then it was time to get ready for the concert. SO....off we went. At some point, I needed to go to the ladies room. I slipped out our door, carefully counting the number of doors to the ladies room, did my thing, and headed back. "One, two, three, four"...knock, knock! "It's only me!" Trotted in...TO THE GUYS DRESSING ROOM. Thankfully, for ALL of us, no one was in a total state of undress. I stood there frozen for one moment, as they all did...then slammed the door and RAN! Oh, my goodness! I FLEW into the ladies' dressing room, red-faced and gasping. And laughing, but I was SO embarrassed. I blurted out what had happened and everyone died laughing. And in all the subsequent years of Choir, I never lived that down. It could have been worse...but it was bad enough! :)


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