Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Simple Things

Today we got up fairly early and headed 45 min. north, to meet our friends, the Brown Family. Their daughter Steph was coming to spend the night, and they live about an hour and 20 min. away, so we met sort of half way. Of course, we picked a MALL, and of course, Shao spotted two cute round ball pillows in purple and aqua, all soft and fuzzy, perfect for her room. AND I opened a Sears charge card (since I don't live anywhere NEAR a mall these days, I am probably pretty safe, here! :) ) because if I did, then I got $10 off! SOOO...the pillows turned out to be $1 each! Gotta love that, huh? They weren't expensive to begin with, but my thrifty heart loves that!!!!

We came home, ate lunch, and went to the beach. It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day here, in the low 70's, hazy sunshine, daffodils blooming, life-is-good kind of day. And the beach was tranquil and lovely...but COLD. WINDY! In the summer, it is such a godsend to be able to head down is always at least 10 degrees cooler, and almost always a breeze. But today, it was a bit much. Even so, we stayed an hour before heading home. I was GOING to take pictures except that SOMEONE took the batteries out of my camera to use for THEIR walkman. SOMEONE had better find batteries of her OWN! Anyways...maybe next time.

We are very blessed to have the use of a little beach shack (and I use the word "shack" absolutely correctly, although it DOES, in season...which it is NOT at the moment...have electricity and a toilet!) a couple of miles down the street. While it has windows and doors, you can see the sand through the cracks in the floorboards. It DOES have a shower, as well, which is a recent improvement. But it is basically just an old wood shack, no insulation, and just one room. We LOVE it! The owners live far, far away, and seldom use it, so we glady DO! We didn't bother to open up the house, just walked around and up onto the porch, where I sat in a chair and tried to stay warm in the sun, while the crazy kids wandered the beach in short sleeves and shorts. I wanted to take a picture of the "Beach Bug"...yep, the shack has a name! know the rest.

It's one of those days where you just kind of hang around, don't do a whole lot, but enjoy the day. I like those days. They seem few and far between a lot of the time. And Monday we head back to the grind...driving school van for me, school for ShaoXi. 9 more weeks until summer vacation...but who's counting? :) Much good stuff happens in the summer...Shao's beloved Gramma & Grampa come up to the summer place in NH, and we get to see them (YAY!) We get to go the beach a lot, and enjoy the beauty. And it is WARM! I'm telling you, if you are my friend, and you live in a warm climate, you may get SICK of me in a few years...I think I'll make the rounds of all my friends, Jan. through March, once Shao heads off to college! HA!

Not much else happening here. Tomorrow we head to our (hopefully) new church. After spending Easter Sunday in a wonderful AG church in West Chester, PA, we are looking forward to going to this one, near us. Hopefully it will be our new home. I'll keep ya posted! :)


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