Monday, April 13, 2009

He is Risen!!

He is Risen, indeed!

These past four days we've been with our dear friends in Pennsylvania. It is our "traditon" to go and spend Easter weekend with them. Actually, the entire weekend is full of traditions, some of them newer than others. One is to visit a very dear friend, Carol, whom both Kim and I worked with at Valley Forge Christian College, in PA. Kim & I graduated together, and we both stayed on staff after graduation, I for 4 years, Kim for many more than that. And "Miz B" was one of our all time favorite coworkers there, so it is always SOOO much fun and joy to visit with her!

One of our "newer traditions" is to visit a family we "met" through a Yahoo group. They live just a few miles from Kim and her husband Henry, and oh my, do we EVER love visiting the Balmers! First of all, they are a riot! Second of all, they are Christians who truly walk the walk. And best of all, they have THREE precious daughters adopted from China, right around Shao's age, who are 16 mos. apart in age from one another. Busy household, that one! Not to mention some adult, grown kids, one serving currently in Iraq (pray for Nathan!), one newly married and in the process of getting their first go, guys! And then there is Miss J, who is moony and adorable, and in love...and you had BETTER let us know when you know WHO does you know what! And incidental to all this fun, Dad B. is an INCREDIBLE cook...especially in all things Chinese. So we had a many course Chinese feast, followed by some breathing time, then a chocolate fondue free for all, topped off by home made Peanut butter/chocolate Easter eggs. Can you say STUFFED?!?!?! And HAPPY!?!?! And sugar-loaded!?!?!?!

That was Friday and Saturday. And on Sunday we had the privilege of attending Trinity Assembly of God Church, and hearing the Word of God proclaimed, and the Resurrection message given, and an altar call, as well as some unbelievable music ministry and worship. We were blessed! God is GOOD...all the time! This Sunday we begin attending our new home church (we hope!), an AG church near our home. We will miss the friends we have made at our old church, but there were some things preached/said from the pulpit in recent months that did not line up with my beliefs, and they were major, not minor, so we shall begin a new chapter in our church life. I think it will be good. Shao seems to understand WHY it is necessary to do this, which is great. I am hoping she will make some friends and it will begin to feel like home to her quickly.

So...remember! He is risen, just as He said! Jesus has paid the price for our sins, we just have to accept the gift of His sacrifice, and we are free! He is risen...He is risen indeed!!!


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