Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pray for the Freemans

Please, please pray for the Freeman Family. 10 months ago, their daughter Kayleigh was born, weighing a whopping one pound, one ounce. There were SOOO many times that they were told to say goodbye to their tiny daughter. But finally a few months ago, they were able to bring her home. And all seemed good. About 12 days ago, she went in for what I think was minor surgery, as surgeries go. And something went drastically, horrifically, tragically wrong. Precious Kayleigh did not wake first, they were keeping her sedated on purpose. But it became apparent that something was wrong once they began to try and wake her. At some point in the past 12 days, her brain did not receive either oxygen or blood, or both, as it needed. Her brain is dead. Her parents have to make an agonizing decision. They are beyond devastated. And yet their faith in the Lord remains firm, a testimony to their walk with God. Please pray.


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  1. Oh my goodness.. I could not even imagine! I will definately have to keep them in mind!!