Friday, April 24, 2009

Storing up beauty

It's late Friday night, and I can't seem to get anything significant done. It has been a slow week, in some ways. I haven't felt well all week. The ear with the tube in it is giving me angina...okay, an earache, not angina, but you get my drift. It is amazing how a somewhat low-grade but constant ear ache can just make you feel miserable. I am hoping I feel better tomorrow, as the weekend is supposed to be breathtakingly beautiful, and unseasonably warm...make that hot! I'll take it, although talk to me again in July, and I might change my mind! :)

The trees here have JUST begun to sprout buds and tiny new leaves. We are at least two weeks behind the "norm" for us, if not more. It's wierd. It's almost May, and we are JUST looking like winter is truly over. The daffodils are in bloom, but with the hot weather I expect by tomorrow or Sunday at the latest they will have all wilted. The tulips are JUST coming up, and the warmth will likely bring them to bloom, as well as all the trees. I love spring so. There is a special point in it, when the leaves are still that pure, new green, and somewhat translucent. The light comes through them in a way like no other time of year. I call it "deep spring." I look for it, so that I can soak in the beauty. I like to say that I memorize beautiful scenes, to bring back to memory when things look bleak and gloomy. Its much like the way I view heaven...I think on what it will be like (and truth be told, I am sure I have just the tiniest inkling!) when things here on earth get wearisome. I am in no hurry, but on the other hand..."Come, Lord Jesus!"


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