Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Medical updates

So...I went back to the opthamologist today. It's progressing, but it sure is a slow process! However, my pressures are entirely normal now, and my vision in the affected eye is now 20/40 instead of 20/80 (which meant I pretty much could see nothing out of it the first time I was seen!) SO...I am still putting the prednisone type drops in every two hours. And I am only doing one other drop 2x a day. Which is definitely progress, and SOOO much easier to remember!!!

But just to make life more interesting...I had a tube put in my right ear yesterday! Yep, a tube. Shades of being 4 again! :) Actually, when I was four, tubes didn't exist. Which is a pity, since maybe all my ear problems would have been prevented. I had WICKED earaches/infections as a child, and even into adulthood. And for the last 11 years I have endured a clogged ear, popping, crackling, and intense pain upon it opening back up...and don't get me STARTED about flying on an airplane! AI YI YI YI!!!!

So, I've been seen at the hospital's ENT clinic for the past 8 mos. or so. We've tried various things, and while some things improved, the ear did not. SOOO...tubes. Very nice young resident looked at my history, looked in my ear, and said "Let's put a tube in it today!" Okay, no problem. I asked him if it would hurt. He assured me that he would numb it, etc., and it was a simple procedure. NOT. Not for me, anyhow. Oh, the pain! I bawled like a baby, all the while holding still, cuz this guy had a scalpel poking at my eardrum. Not fun. Oh was I glad when he finally was through. He apologized profusely, and I actually felt bad for HIM. Anyhow, once it was done, it was not painful...but now it is. Which does not make me happy, more than 24 hours later. I have a low grade earache. Nothing stupendous, but enough to make me wince a bit. I am putting in antibiotic drops 3X a day, but if it doesn't feel better by tomorrow, I will call. Not sure who I will talk to...this is a clinic, only there on Tuesday PM, so who knows? Meanwhile, I am now sporting a lovely earplug when I shower, and am so looking forward to swimming, etc! But honestly, if I can finally hear like I am not UNDER WATER, and the popping and pain are gone, I will be thrilled!

Other than that, I am just ducky! It sucks getting old! :)


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