Saturday, April 4, 2009

I am blessed!

My daughter is an unbelievable kid. I am far from the only person who thinks so. Everyone who has ever met her falls immediately in love, and is amazed at her personality. And I truly mean it when I say she CAME to me that way! I mean, what toddler, having been told they would go to McDonald's to play in the big Playland, and then is told "sorry, I know I promised but..." says, "That's okay, Mama. Maybe tomorrow." A TODDLER, I tell you! And that sums her up. Sweet, sunny, helpful, thoughtful, all wrapped up in a totally beautiful package., again, she was herself. I have to put one kind of eyedrop in EVERY hour. Do you know how ANNOYING that is? And how easy it is to forget, to not realize how the time goes by? So all day long, without being asked, she has set a timer, when it rings she comes and puts the drop in my eye, and resets the timer. ALL DAY! I love this child. She challenges me to be a better person every day, because SHE is a better person than I. And not too many parents can say that of their 12 yr olds, I suspect. Like I said, I am blessed.
Here she is, in her Easter dress and her pointe shoes! She is SOOO stinkin' cute!


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