Monday, April 20, 2009


So, Sunday we attended a new church. And I loved it. Shao did not. And I am torn. I WANT her to WANT to attend church. I can assure you she would NOT, at this one. There is no program for kids her age. So she had to sit in service the whole time. Not what she was used to. And I want her to feel that church is a place where she can learn a vibrant, living faith. I already have that. She is just coalescing into the person she will become. I don't know what to do. But I think we will go to a few other area churches and just see what they have to offer her. But I can tell you, they will need to offer ME something too. I now realize how much I have been missing in our "old" church. No life, not really. And certainly not the presence of the Holy Spirit, except in individual's hearts...but not in the service. There is none so blind as those who WILL NOT see! They THINK they are receiving all that God has for them...but that is SOOOO sad...He has SO much more, He IS so much more!

So our search goes on. I did have a lovely talk with the Pastor's wife, and I was candid with her. I told her that I loved the service, but that I think Shao would quickly hate going to church, and that was something I wasn't willing to do. She agreed that they needed a program for that age group during Sunday Service, and said there are plans in the works. SOOO...we will keep in touch and see what happens. The church is less than 5 min. from our house, which would be SOOO nice.

Plus...please believe me, I am NOT judging!!! much as I liked the service, and the people, and the Pastor, who is SUCH a nice guy...he is a yeller, and things were a bit loud. The sermon was long...I truly do believe you can get your point across in a half hour or less! And while I LOVED the worship service and music, their worship leader had a tendency to have the congregation sing the song/chorus OVER AND OVER AGAIN...and you can ask my daughter, I cannot BEAR things that are repetitive! It just drives me insane. SO...maybe not the best fit for me, either. I don't know! I will be praying HARD...because certainly I don't want petty things to stop me from being in the place HE has for me! (sigh)

On a totally different is FREEZING here! HEY...where did spring go? COME BACK! We spent the weekend at the beach...we wore shorts and capris! We wore flip-flops and sandals. Today I turned the heat back on, I am bundled up, and wondering what we did to insult Spring enough to make her leave! :)


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